The "Who What Where When Why When How?" approach to web sites

Follow these steps when developing your web site and you won't go too far wrong. It's commonsense really.

Search Engine Optimization is critical - no matter what stage you are at with your current web site development. 

Our WWWWWH© techniques let you choose use some or all of our services at any stage. 

We improve your chances of creating a successful web site because we take a  methodical approach towards search engine optimization.

For a new site, this is the typically what we do… step by step

1. Confirm your objectives for your web site. 
2. Choose the best Keywords for your web site.
3. Identify the best link partners for your web site.
4. Analyse the competition for your web site.
5. Research your Keywords and gather the most relevant content.
6. Gather/create the most relevant content for your web site.
7. Strategize 'Pay Per Click' promotion options, if required.
8. If needed, secure the best available Domain Name.
9. We code and, if required, host your web site.
10. Submit your web site to the appropriate search engines.
11. Develop and implement additional traffic-enhancing strategies
12. Test and improve your web site. 
13. Automate your web site and office links.

1. We confirm your objectives for your web site
Before doing anything we encourage you to answer the following questions about your project - Who? What? Where? Why? When? How? Unless you know the answers to these questions, the process of search engine optimization for your site will be compromised. It is far less expensive to get it right at this stage than to try and 'make it right' later.

2. We choose the best Keywords for your web site
What you think is important may not be what your visitors are looking for. We help you find out what people want, and then show you how you can deliver it – with a minimum of competition. We use a wide range of methods to research search terms words and can generate a large number of effective keywords quickly. And of course, keywords are at the core of search engine optimization.

3. We identify the best potential link partners for your web site
Generally the more sites linking to your site, the higher your pages will appear in the search engines. But, some incoming links are worth more than others – we’ll show you how to maximise the value of incoming links to your web site. As far as search engine optimization is concerned 'who you know' is crucial.

4. We analyse the competition for your web site
By visiting the web sites of your competitors for top ranking search engine positions, we can analyse why and how they are getting visitor traffic, and over time build the same or better features into your web site. A common strategy is to  'zig when they zag' i.e. identify a gap in the market as far as your Internet-based competition is concerned, and begin there.

5. We determine the most relevant content for your web site
We visit your main competitors listed at search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN for each Keyword. For a typical site that means summarizing 600 pages of detailed information (20 competitors *3 Search Engines *10 Keywords). This step in the WWWWWH© process helps make sure that the content we create for your pages is going to cover the main points people are searching for - which in turn increases the relevancy of the content on your page to your site visitors. After all, web site optimization is also about meeting the expectations of your site visitors.

6. We gather/create the most relevant content for your web site
We try to work the way you want to work when it comes to gathering content. We offer several alternatives:

  • You Dictate your content via telephone to our transcription expert
  • You prepare the content for each page using best practice guidelines
  • We research and write the content for your pages from scratch (Step 5)

7. We strategize your ?Pay Per Click? promotion options
Pay Per Click options are an additional promotional technique. We study the bidding patterns and the advertisers at 10+ different pay per click (PPC) search engines including Overture and Google. We identify your main competitors for each keyword and their listing titles. And – of course – we can help you manage your bidding to make sure you are getting absolutely the best value for money. This dimension of web site optimization can cost you cold hard cash if you get it wrong because your cost per sale can go through the roof.

8. We secure the best available domain name and host your web site
The best domain name for your web site is not always obvious. Our WWWWWH© tools can quickly generate hundreds of domain name variations. We then check the availability of selected names, making sure that the Domain name(s) you finally decide on are aligned with your site content. 

Note: This is the point where most web development companies begin, which is why most web sites fail. Most of the work related to search engine optimization takes place before ANY code is created.

9. We code, and if required, host your web site
Search engines do not (yet) understand images so our WWWWWH© web pages tend to be biased towards text rather than graphics. Because we tend to use a minimum of graphics, our pages usually load fast. Again, we offer several alternatives for site development:

  • Show us a web page design you like and we will use your format
  • Design the look and feel of your site using one of our visual designers
  • Choose a design from one of thousands of free templates on the web
  • We coordinate with your web site developers (our role is to make sure that your search engine optimization strategies do not get compromised)

If you want us to, we can host your web site at competitive rates. At little or no cost your web site can be enhanced by using Perl / PHP / MySQL / DirectAdmin™ and the Installatron™ suites of products. And of course, we are available to act as your webmaster and provide you with web site maintenance and reporting services for a monthly retainer.

10. We submit your web site to the appropriate search engines.
We submit your web site to all of the top search engines, worldwide, as appropriate. We also have a number of in-house techniques we can use to speed up your inclusion in the free search engines. Each month we can provide you with detailed positioning reports that show each and every one of your web pages and their positions in all the top search engines, and where you rank against your competition! We can also protect your domain names as they come up to their expiry date - including .com, .net., .org, .biz, .gov., .name, .info, .at, .au, .de, .es, .fr, .in, and .uk! And we provide a constantly updated submission service that helps you avoid falling into traps that leave your competitors struggling.

11. We develop and implement additional traffic-enhancing strategies
We spend a lot of time (and money!) tracking the latest developments in search engine optimization - both 'on-site' as well as 'off-site'. We also spend a lot of time testing our own ideas and techniques which have yet to become 'flavour of the month' with the Internet 'gurus'. So when we develop your site, we bring to the table a wide range of options and strategies that we can use - some well-known, some that are still secret - the real trick is knowing which techniques will work best for your particular situation. 

12. We test and improve your web site.
If you are serious about marketing online then you should be split testing your pages - in particular your sales pages. Split testing software lets you run two or more versions of a page and track results, such as subscriptions and sales. While our standard template pages are “search-engine friendly” we know that everything can be improved. Split Testing is a painless way to do this. As with all of our services, you can choose do this type of research yourself, or we can do it for you at competitive rates.

13. We automate your web site and office links
Automated systems are great – but nothing happens until your site is visible on the Internet, search engine visitors click on a link to your site, and your information/offer is so compelling that your visitors take action – the reason we created our WWWWWH© system in the first place – we wanted to make things happen.

The number of contacts via your web site can increase exponentially. To help manage your relationships with site visitors we can provide you with a wide range of solutions – from helping you select e-mail Auto Responders and mailing list managers to complete CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and web-enabled business systems customised to meet your exact requirements - all at reasonable rates. 

To send us an obligation-free 'snapshot' of your intended web project, please visit our WWWWWH© Better Web Site ROI First Step Survey page. It is the first - and arguably - the most important step towards search engine optimization. Alternatively, click here to send us an e-mail message.

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