Ranking high on Search Engines

Ranking high on Search Engines is influenced by on-site and off-site factors. This article discusses some off-site factors. 

Ranking high on search engines is not just a case of “Build a better web site and the world will beat a path to your door.” That is nonsense - no traffic will arrive!

Neither is ranking high on search engines just about on-page optimization factors that will give you a far better page ranking, and therefore higher traffic. It is also about who links to you and how they do it.

Aside from on-page search engine optimisation techniques using keywords, one of the fastest ways to begin ranking high on Search Engines like Google and Yahoo is to get lots of INBOUND links to your site. i.e. Get other related sites to link to you. 

Google and Yahoo count these links and also assess the quality of these links to determine how highly to rank your web site in their search results. A few simple considerations:

  • You must make sure the links are relevant to your subject.
  • Better still, make sure those sites have a high Page Rank (PR) with Google. 
  • Make sure most of the incoming links include your main keywords or semantically related words/phrases in their "anchor text".
  • New websites with a lots of new inbound links are acceptable if some of the links are from sites that are considered authoritative
  • Old web pages that continue to receive new incoming links are considered fresh
  • Links with a long life span to be of higher value than links with a short life span

Part of our WWWWWH© process is finding the best people to link with - i.e. the best ways to ‘get linked’ - by going one better than the top ranked web sites you can replace them at the top of the search engines.

You can also start ranking high on search engines by:

  • Trading links with other selected web sites via link requests.
  • Buying text links. (We can show you how to do this)
  • Writing articles and submitting them to online media. (You put a link back to your web site in every article.)

When developing your site linking strategy we analyze the CRUCIAL linking factors that get your web site ranking high on search engines like Google.  

By knowing everything your competitors are doing to promote their sites we know what we have to do to get your web site ranking high on search engines.

The factors we look at on competing web sites include: 

· Which web sites link to them
· The number of web sites linking to them
· The Google Page Rank of the web sites linking to them
· The Page Title of the web sites linking to them
· The anchor text used in the links linking to them
· The number and type of links linking to the web sites linking to them.
· The number of “outbound” links on the web site. 
· The total number of links on web sites linking to them
· Whether or not the web sites linking to them are likely to want to link to you.

Then we do it better. 

We also help you trade links with other web sites.

You could just contact all the web sites and get them to link to you yourself.

· You could visit a web site using your browser and ...
· Search for their contact information and ...
· Open up your email program and ...
· Write out an email to the web site and send it off to them and ...
· Do this another 500 times…

Or we can do this for you - recording the entire process of what was sent, to whom and when. 

Or you could the combination of tools like PRProwler, Total Optimizer Professional, and SEO Elite to start ranking high on search engines via link swapping.

To summarise we can either set everything up with you maintaining the relationship with your linking partners, we can manage your entire campaign from start to finish, or you can buy the best automated tools for the job. 

Which ever way you decide to go is fine by us - but you must include a linking strategy in your planning if you want to begin ranking high on search engines.

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