Quality incoming links to your site boost your rankings in the search engines. PRProwler helps you to quickly identify sites with high Google Page Rank (PR) to exchange links with. It even shows you which sites linking to your competitors sites you should link to. 

We use PRProwler to quickly identify the most relevant sites for selected KeyWords and to quickly identify potential linking partners. PRProwler is a cornerstone product that we use in the WWWWWH© process. 

Quality links to your site to boost your rankings in the search engines. The links need to come from quality, relevant, sites that will link to you. 

To identify a quality link you need to think like a search engine and look at a page's Page Rank. (If you haven’t already done so, install the Google Toolbar on your browser – the little green bar that appears on it tells you how a page ranks, on a scale of 1 to 10.)

There is real value in getting links to your site from "high PR" sites. When you find these high quality links, you only need a handful of them to link to you. You DON'T need hundreds or thousands of links pointing to you to boost your search engine ranking above your competitors. You just need a few "high PR" ones.

“On-page” optimization is relatively easy and well understood - you put KeyWords on your web site in the right places, and in the right quantities. 

But if you have two identical web pages it is Off-page optimization that will make the difference i.e. who has the best Off-page optimization – or Page Rank. And you get Page Rank by finding quality link partners and getting links from them to your site.

Without PRProwler looking for link partners is a time consuming business. 

Using traditional techniques would you need to manually search every Google results page for each KeyWord you are working with to find relevant pages and link partners. Then you need to record each page's Page Rank (by hovering over the Page Link icon on your Google toolbar) and then hand count the number of backward links. And you need to keep doing it to remain current.

Of course all of this takes months – but not with PRProwler. It quickly finds pages with high Page Rank and gives you a complete breakdown of that page's potential as a link partner. The latest version also counts the number of links for each page – the pages it links to and the links pointing to it. You even get a "Page Rank boost” estimate. 

When it comes to planning and carrying out a linking strategy PRProwler is a superb tool that helps speed up critical parts of your Internet marketing efforts. While it does not guarantee that you will get links from every site it identifies as being important, you usually only need links from a few of the sites it discovers to significantly boost your web site rankings. PRProwler is well worth US$97.

To own your personal copy of PRProwler, and get your web site linking campaign off to the best possible start, you can’t go past PRProwler. Visit the PRProwler team now at

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