PPC Bid Reporter Pro

Strategize your Pay Per Click campaigns by studying the bidding patterns and advertisers at 12 of the leading 'PPC' search engines - plus Google AdWords.

PPC Bid Reporter helps us strategize your pay click campaigns by studying the bidding patterns and the advertisers at different pay per click search engines.

The software is very easy to use. Simply type in a keyword and click 'Go' and the software will return with information such as:

  • Bids for different ranks at 12 different pay-per click search engines with choice for converting all the bid amounts to a currency of your choice.
  • First, Last and Median Bid for the keyword (based on the first search result page) at different search engines
  • Your main competitors for that keyword and their listing titles
  • Keyword suggestions and the number of searches during the previous month for each keyword phrase at Overture US and Overture UK
  • Google AdWords for your selected keywords

Getting started with Bid Reporter Professional is very easy. Simply type in a keyword into the box and click 'Go'. The software then looks up the various PPC search engines and displays the bids and ranks for each keyword.

You can have the software automatically convert the bid amounts to a currency of your choice by specifying the correct conversion rates.

The aim of Bid Reporter Pro is to collect and provide you information for strategizing your pay per click campaigns. It is not an automated tool for any purpose. However it will help you make intelligent decisions by providing the right information at your finger tips.

The keyword suggestion view in PPC Bid Reporter includes a keywords suggestion tool that helps you to quickly and easily build ideal keyword sets for your pay per click campaigns.

In our experience PPC Bid Reporter saves many hours of research time and is invaluable for anyone involved in a Pay Per Click advertising campaign. If you are considering a Pay Per Click campaign, PPC Bid Reporter is a ‘must have’ product. To own PPC Bid Reporter (just US$99), visit PPCtoolkit. 

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