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Find best keyword phrases for your site with KeyWords Analyzer - high demand words and phrases with a low supply of competing pages - the kind of pages that rank at the top of the search engines. Plus it you the level of 'Pay Per Click' competition at Google and Overture.

To find best KeyWord phrases we use KeyWords Analyzer. KeyWord Analyzer quickly identifies potential “niche” markets – essentially an analysis of the number of Internet searches for particular search terms (KeyWords demand) versus the number of pages containing that search term (KeyWords supply). 

The single most effective way to drive free traffic to your web site is to identify KeyWords with high search demand and low supply of pages, and write excellent content around those KeyWords.

Putting it another way, if you want a web site that people will visit then you have to take account of what people are looking for. If you don’t, then no matter how much time and money you spend on getting your web site looking pretty, few people will even see it. This is commonsense.

You can do basic keyword research free using products but these are not the BEST keywords – you are only going to see what everyone else sees. While these free products provide some really useful information, because you will probably choose the same keywords as everyone else, your chance of a high ranking is very limited – probably zero – because of the competition.

KeyWords Analyzer shows you KeyWords supply AND demand, revealing the BEST keywords for your selected audience - quickly.

KeyWords Analyzer considers more than just the competition for free search engines. It scopes out the competition for Google AdWords and Overture so you identify low-cost search terms and run a minimum cost “Pay Per Click” promotion campaign to kick-start your marketing efforts and to improve your visitor/sales conversion ratio.

And then there is the “digging” feature - you “dig” into a KeyWord to reveal the demand and supply for search terms related to that KeyWord. You can literally turn just one KeyWord into hundreds of profit-pulling niches that your competitors haven't a clue about.

And, if you are looking for ideas or brainstorming, you can use the "related terms search" feature. Type in your free Google account code and Keywords Analyzer goes into Google and pulls out hundreds of related keywords - none of them containing your keyword - but all of them related to it. You’ll most likely discover a whole new angle to explore – BEFORE you begin coding your web site – and quickly.

As far as we are concerned, KeyWord Analyzer is… well… INDISPENSABLE… which probably goes to explain why KeyWords Analyzer is usually the first software tool we use in the WWWWWH© process. 

At US$79 KeyWords Analyzer is a steal.

To conclude - and it is a pretty harsh thing to say - if you are serious about developing your own web sites, you will be wasting your time and money unless you know how many competing pages you are up against for a particular KeyWord. To learn more about  how to find best KeyWords fast or to own your own copy of KeyWords Analyzer, make a visit to

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