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KeyWord Analytics is all about KeyWords and phrases that improve your Search Engine Rankings. Here's a summary.

KeyWord Analytics begins with identifying the best words and phrases to highlight on your site so that you can maximise the numbers of visitors to your web site and therefore increase your chances of web site success.

To be able to identify the best words and phrases to highlight on your web site you need to clearly define your objectives for your web site. (If you have not already completed our Better Web Site ROI First Step Survey, please click here.)

Once your web site is operational, the second phase of Keyword Analytics - often called Web Site Analytics, kicks in. 

KeyWord Analytics should begin BEFORE you begin writing any code for your web site. Miss out this step or get it wrong and you'll be in 'catch-up' mode forever - no matter no matter how much money you are spending on analysing your web site and tweaking your pages.

If you have spend some time on our site it is pretty obvious how much emphasis we place on KeyWord Analytics. Products we use and recommend include: 

KeyWord Analyzer - Finds high demand words and phrases with a low supply of competing pages - the kind of pages that rank at the top of the search engines. Plus it you the level of 'Pay Per Click' competition at Google and Overture.

PRProwler - Leverages Google Page Rank technology to your site to help boost your rankings in the search engines - via URL and/or KeyWords.

Total Optimizer Professional - Provides extensive and significant analysis of KeyWords when analysing competing sites - including Back Links. 

SEOElite - Besides helping to to find and manage masses of linking partners, tracks your KeyWords index position in all major search engines, and analyzes and compares special search commands on Google.

PPC Bid Reporter Pro - Gives you the information you need in order to be able to maximise the effectiveness of your Pay Per Click campaigns - another facet of KeyWord Analytics.

By comparison, the only specialist Web Site Analytics package we recommend is WebLog Expert. For small to medium sites WebLog Expert is excellent value for money and provides you all of the information you'll need to: 

  • Understand what navigation paths, referring links and keywords are leading to sales conversions
  • Track which search engines and keywords drive the most traffic
  • Analyse referring sites to see where the most traffic comes from
  • Compare the performance of each pay-per-click search engine so you can see which engine and which keywords perform the best.
  • Generate the stats you need to measure your sales or lead conversion ratio versus how much you spend per click. i.e. the amount of clicks, sales and revenue your web site receives

For larger sites it is probably smarter to have your site professionally managed. Pricing varies, but the entry level pricing per month seems to be running at around US$2500. This is a good option if you need to micro-manage a high-cost-per-click campaign. Note that not all PPC campaigns are high-cost - we have strategies that provide surprisingly low costs per sale. But, for most companies - especially with limited budgets - creating web sites that attract free traffic from search engines like Google / Yahoo / MSN  is usually the most logical option.

For more information about how KeyWord Analytics fits into the big picture, here are some things you can do straight away:

You should also check out the following products in detail:

Beter still, get in touch with us - either via e-mail - or ideally - complete our Better Web Site ROI First Step Survey and begin your KeyWord Analytics program - obligation-free.

Important Note: We work on a confidential basis. We don't talk to anyone else about your business and we don't want you to discuss the proprietary processes and techniques we use to get you a better web site ROI with anyone else - we all have a living to make :-) So, if you feel you can't keep a secret please do everyone a favour and get in touch with someone else. Thanks.



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