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Internet Search Engine Placement success is about targeted visitor's search terms.  Here's how less can mean more. 

Internet Search Engine placement is about focusing your web site on a precise, targeted market niche. 

You will have far greater success by focussing on fewer, but “Targeted”, visitors. Your content will be more relevant and the chances of meeting your objectives for your site are increased considerably. 

The alternative is to try and create content for higher demand but more competitive search terms. But, bearing in mind that there are likely to be tens of thousands of sites competing for high Internet search engine placement in the 'Google Top 10' results for popular search terms, unless you are prepared to spend a lot of time and money, your chances of success are limited.

And, even if you do get your high Internet Search engine placement your search term is likely to be less specific. Therefore proportionately fewer of the people who arrive at your web site will stay because your content is not EXACTLY what they were looking for. 

By not being targeted you also increase the risk of being penalized by the search engines for practising 'Bait and Switch' (i.e. getting people to your web site under false pretences).

This same general principle holds for 'Pay Per Click' Services – the quality of visitors is usually more important than quantity. 

In fact if you get it wrong on the PPC Engines (i.e. you are not specific enough), unless your are focussed on targeted visitors, because you have high Internet Search Engine placement, and you pay every time someone clicks on a link to your web site, your traffic 'click-through' costs can far outweigh the margin on any subsequent sales you might make.

Our WWWWWH© development process helps you to make your web site focus on getting TARGETED VISITORS by asking six simple questions: 

Who? What? Where? Why? When? How? ( WWWWWH©

Each question narrows down the niche further. The narrower the niche, the more relevant it will be to your site visitors, and the more interested they will be. Then we help you to build your targeted, visitor-relevant niche web site. Your content will be meaningful and the chances of meeting your objectives for your site are increased considerably. 

When you first begin thinking about creating a web site there are many things to consider: 

· What are you selling? If your site trying to cover all of your business, or a few of your existing key products and services, or are you wanting to promote a few new specific “web-friendly” products to make some extra money on the side?

· Where are your customers? Are you focussed on just your local market – a regional market – looking at a national market – or are you going international? You need to be clear about this because some design ideas work better than others when it comes to geographic markets and you need to take this into account. 

· Are you looking at using “Pay Per Click” (PPC) services such as Google AdWords or PPC search engines like Yahoo Small Business? Do you expect a lot of visitors to ‘click through’ to you via free links on other web sites? 

And how will first time visitors find you?

If you are counting on using free search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN for visitors to your web site, Internet Search Engine Placement is critical - your site needs to appear on the first 10 results ? i.e. the higher your ranking the better. Even then, whether people click on your link depends on what words appear in the search engine results AND what your targeted visitors have used as a search term.

The key to success when considering subjects is to select search terms that match your web site content AND for which there are relatively few competing web sites. 

This is “Niche Marketing”. 

When you take the Niche Marketing approach, successful Internet Search Engine placement is less about total volume of visitors and more about precision. Less is more.

Bearing this in mind, the first step in ‘optimizing” your web site for (say) Google is to design individual pages within your web site so that they align with the search terms that people are using when they use Google, and then write about those 1-2 subjects per web page. 

Selecting page topics is an imperfect science. The general process is as follows:

· Find out how many people are searching for search terms matching your web site content. (Obviously, the more people searching for words that match your site content, the greater your potential market.)

· Find out how many people have web sites containing each likely search term. (The more competition there is for a targeted search term the harder it is likely to be to get your web site to appear at the top of Google search results.)

· Trade off the number of searches (say) each month for your preferred search terms against the number of competitors for your preferred search terms. (For most web sites it is better to be as specific as possible - even if this means writing more web pages because you have more specific subjects to cover.)

· Develop your web site around your selection of search terms. (Generally speaking you create a web page for each search term. Each page uses a search term as a Page Title, for Major Headings, as the HTML file name, and is used frequently throughout the body of the visible text on the page and when naming graphics (See Meta Tag Optimization for more details.)

· We can also help you to improve your site ranking in free search engines like Google and advise you about the wisest choices when it comes to “Pay Per Click” promotion options like Google AdWords by making sure your web site is relevant to your targeted visitors. 

For targeted Internet Search Engine placement, do your best to make it easy for the people you want to visit to find you, and when they arrive, make it easy for them to want to help you achieve your objectives. The Internet is essentially a ‘one-to-one’ experience for people - you are communicating with other human beings one at a time - successful Internet Search Engine Placement is about individual, and truly targeted visitors.

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