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Increase Search Engine Ranking to the exclusion of promotional other factors and you risk failure. Here's why. 

"Increase Search Engine Ranking and your web site will be a success!"

Wrong! Focussing purely on an increase in Search Engine Ranking to achieve web site success can backfire on you when one of the major search engines changes their search algorithms. 

When (not if) this happens, the techniques and tools you have used to increase search engine ranking could be meaningless which means you have to go back to the drawing board as far as your web site promotion is concerned. And of course, getting back on top could take months. In the meantime, you and your web site are effectively out of business.

The trick is to spread your risk by using a number of techniques while continually trying to increase Search Engine ranking - in a word - diversify.

There are several ways you can do this:

Articles - By writing keyword-specific articles (or getting them ghost written) and submitting your articles to article directory sites, you become a 'published author' and improve your chances of being accepted as an expert in your field. As a 'published author' your credibility is enhanced and - importantly - because your articles will normally have links back to your site, when other web sites most your articles, you generate incoming links to your web site - a technique that leads to a sustainable increase in search engine ranking.

Blogs - Blogs are the equivalent of a free on-line diary. By maintaining a blog (free at - which is owned by Google) you not only have the opportunity to create controllable links into your site, you also expose your content to a rapidly growing on-line audience comfortable with blogging and RSS feeds - as well as the traditional Internet audience using search engines. Your blog gives you a second bite at the search engine cherry. Blogs and RSS Feeds are part of a 'Sea Change' as far as the Internet is concerned. Ignore these new audiences and technologies at your peril. 

eBooks - These are similar to articles except that they are typically downloads from your site. If you are using PDF files you can embed links to your site into the eBook. So, if your eBook has great content and you prompt readers to pass it on to their friends, you can generate additional traffic to your site. And because PDF files are able to be indexed by search engines, make sure they can see your download file on your site - and if you can get other people to offer your eBook as a download, even better. Every link in the eBook to your site can then be a free additional incoming link which will again increase search engine ranking for your site. 

eMail / AutoResponders - Email has been called the Internet 'killer app' and despite spam related problems, the fact is that by keeping in touch with your customers on a regular basis you can enhance your return on investment for your web site. Here are a couple of reasons why e-mail works:

  • Existing customers are more likely to buy from you than anyone else
  • On average it takes 8 contacts before someone will buy from you.

All things being equal you should expect 2% of your subscribers to purchase as a result of an e-mail offer. If you have 10000 subscribers that you contact each week, that's 200 sales a week. All of this can happen without an increase in search engine ranking for your site

eZine Articles - The are a few rules to follow when writing articles for eZines, but it is essentially the same as creating any other content. Make sure you have a great headline and write something that solves a problem or creates an opportunity for a specialised audience. The benefit - especially if your article gets picked up by a large publication - is that you could be in front of an audience many times greater than you would via an increase in search engine ranking. And of course people clicking through to your site from their email InBox are likely to be pre-sold.

Google Groups - Groups are a great way to find out what problems people want solved. Track down a specialised group related to your business, watch the comments, respond intelligently with help where you can, include your Domain Name in your 'Signature', and your posts will generate targeted traffic to your web site for years. In most groups avoid 'commercial' posts at all costs otherwise you will be flamed. 

URL on Business Cards / Vehicles etc - If you are new to the Internet you might be tempted to go for a 'free hosting' deal. It's a reasonable option for a personal web site, but for a business, nothing beats your own Domain Name(s) and an email address pointing at your Domain(s). Your domain name shows you are serious about your commitment to the Internet. And for less than $10USD per .com Domain and Web Site Hosting for as low as $1USD a month, the costs are relatively insignificant. Most importantly once you have your Domain Name established USE IT. Put your email and web address out there for everyone to see - on any vehicles - on stationery. It's free advertising, and free traffic, and is achievable without the need to increase search engine ranking.

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