Improve Search Engine Ranking

Improve search engine ranking for your site by providing highly targeted QUALITY content and be 'search engine friendly'.

To try and improve Search Engine Ranking several companies have developed software that automatically generates keyword-rich content. 

In a matter of minutes this software can create a brand new site with hundreds of pages that are filled with links and content from other web sites, article submission sites, RSS Feeds, Blogs,, and even 

There is little doubt that these tools will help to improve search engine ranking for most web sites. The question is - for how long?

Properly used the tools are a great time-saver and they help you bring your site alive for visitors. When mixed with original content, these tools allow web masters to create keyword-focussed web sites that work well.

Badly used the same tools generate what can only be described as spam - awful looking pages that have only been created to generate income from the Google AdSense program. Some of the worst sites do not even have links out - except of course to Google AdSense 'Pay Per Click' links.

We have tested many of these software tools and 'out of the box' some of the tools have helped us to improve search engine ranking in some pretty competitive areas and been responsible for generating thousands of website visitors. In fact we still use several of the tools in-house to speed up our work - but not to generate complete web sites.

However, we believe that those people who use these tools to create automated, template-style websites are headed for trouble.

First of all we know from testing that much of the traffic produced using automated software does not last forever.

This is fine if you have a limited-time project or you are happy to keep on generating new template sites every time another one drops from sight in the Search Engines.

But if your business is relying on your web site traffic and you need a sustainable and predictable cash flow from your web site investment, you could be out of business overnight if you rely too heavily on these kinds of tools.

And don't think it doesn't happen.

Aside from regular changes to the search engine algorithms that can also dramatically reduce or improve your search engine ranking  (like the Google Florida update), the major search engines have ways of tracking down 'spam' sites. And when they find them they ban them from their display results.

And it's not only web sites. (owned by Google) no longer allows automated blog posting. Indeed, Google has begun to crack down on link-spamming within blogs by introducing the 'nofollow' tag. 

And for particularly bad sites, the chances of a visitor sending the search engines an 'abuse report' are pretty good.

If you're not concerned with the long term results of your web site or your site being banned - by all means use automated tools to improve search engine ranking. 

But - if you are aiming for sustainability you need to assume from the outset that excessive use of other people's content, or linking strategies designed to trick the search engines, will be penalized.  

To summarise - while the need to improve Search Engine ranking is understood - if you want a successful and sustainable web site, you need to respect your site visitors and the search engines. Between them, they - rather than a push-button template generator - will improve search engine ranking.

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