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Higher Search Engine Rank is important - but what people do when they visit your web site matters as much - if not more.

Higher Search Engine Rank is important - there is no denying it. 

However, what people do once they are on your web site can matter much more. 

Here's why.

Imagine your web site is at the top of Google for a reasonably popular search term. You are really happy because your higher search engine rank is attracting estimated 2500 visitors a month to your site and you are selling widgets to 25 new customers every month as a result. You are more than covering your web site investment, so it's all good.

For the last year you have been competing with a similar business a few miles away. As far as you can tell his search engine rank means he is only attracting about 500 visitors a month, so you're pretty happy because of your higher search engine rank.

Your competitor is pretty happy too. 

What you don't know about your competitor, because your search engine expert is so focussed on higher search engine rank, that that he is also selling 25 widgets a month.

The same sales from just 20% of the visitor traffic - how can this be????

The are a few reasons: 

Your competitor is constantly testing the effectiveness of his web site by using techniques like A/B Split Testing. As a result he is converting 3% of his visitors to buyers - i.e. he is selling 15 widgets a month to new customers or 3 times the rate per site visitor that you are. 

Your competitor is also keeping in touch with his new customers via low-cost e-mail. Unknown to you he has been using direct marketing techniques to sell one more widget per 10 new customers each month. So, as his total number of customers grows, he begins to sell more and more widgets.

In two years he will be selling TWICE as many widgets as you because he did not rely completely on higher page ranking. 

The moral of the story... never assume anything! 

To be successful your web site needs more than higher search engine rank.

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