Better Web Site ROI

Better web site ROI should be one of your objectives. Here's your first step - for FREE.

If you would like some obligation-free ideas about how you can get a better web site ROI (Return on Investment) from the Internet, please complete and send us your copy of our "Better Web Site ROI First Step Survey" (see below). 

There are no 'right' answers to our Better Web Site ROI Survey - your situation is likely to be unique. So, whether you are a business person or simply passionate about a hobby, feel free to get in touch. 

Here are some things you can do straight away:

Important Note: We work on a confidential basis. We don't talk to anyone else about your business and we don't want you to discuss the proprietary processes and techniques we use to get you a better web site ROI with anyone else - we all have a living to make :-) So, if you feel you can't keep a secret please do everyone a favour and get in touch with someone else. Thanks.

Better Web Site ROI

First Step Survey

We cannot stress the point enough - when it comes to attracting and interacting with visitors to a web site, the more specific you are with your answers to the questions Who? What? Where? Why? When? How? - the faster we can help you get a better web site ROI.

Who do you want to visit your web site?
(e.g. Age / Sex / Location / Interest)?

Who do you want to be as far as your web site visitors are concerned? (e.g Seller / Expert / Friend)

What will your visitors do as a result of visiting your web site?
(e.g. Contact you via email / Subscribe to a newsletter / Buy something) 

What will your visitors experience when they visit your web site? (e.g. Information / A solution for their Pain - Problem - Passion)

Where on the Internet does your visitor come from before visiting your web site, and then where do they go?
(e.g. From Search Engines to Clickbank to purchase our eBook / From site to phone us with order )

Where will your visitor be in the world when they visit your web site? (e.g. Anywhere in the world / At work, In Sydney / At home)

Why would your visitor want to visit your web site? (e.g. Looking for information about bird watching / Cheese Recipes)

Why would your visitor want to take action as a result of visiting your web site? (e.g. Because of our price / Because we are local / Because we are unique)

When will your visitor visit your web site? (e.g. When they are ready to buy / At home at night / Saturday mornings)

When will you visit theirs? (e.g. Never / Once we have completed our research / Every week for updates)

How will your visitor access your web site? (e.g. Dial-up modem / ADSL / Cable / WAP Phones / SMS / Voice / Remote sensors)

How do you want your visitor to take action as a result of visiting your web site? (e.g. Buy a book / Join our mailing list / Write to the Mayor)

Behind the scenes...

Answering the following kinds of questions as early as possible will help make your life easier. 

  • Who will create and maintain your web site?
  • What role(s) do you intend to play during each of the developmental, promotional and maintenance phases of your web site project? 
  • Where will your web site be hosted?
  • Why are you creating a web site in the first place?
  • When do you want to start development of your web site?
  • How much do you want to spend on your web site?

All of your information is treated as confidential and you are under no obligation to us as a result of completing our "Better Web Site ROI" First Step Survey. 

After you complete our 'Better Web Site ROI" First Step Survey we will get back to you within 2 working days to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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