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The Spreadsheet optimiser/optimizer


What'sBest links spreadsheet software, the preferred modelling tool of business, with the power of linear, nonlinear, and integer programming optimiser/optimizer techniques.

We can help you to implement What'sBest! in your organisation. You can use What's Best to maximise revenue or minimise costs in areas such as:

Published By LINDO Systems Inc in the United States, What'sBest! takes your spreadsheet beyond "What If?" calculations and determines What'sBest! Alone among optimisation/optimization software, What'sBest! has won the coveted PC Magazine Award for Technical Excellence.

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What'sBest! solutions are available for a few hundred dollars. Educational Discounts are available.

Start Solving Right Away

The in-depth documentation covers everything you need to get started quickly - from a brief tutorial to dozens of real-world based examples. Examples cover distribution, staff scheduling, manufacturing, inventory, financial portfolio problems, and much more. Your own models can be generated quickly in a completely free format, exploiting all the power and flexibility of the spreadsheet. It's easy to build models for use by others - managers, clerical staff, or anyone who can enter numbers into a spreadsheet.

Real Power for Real Problems

Every copy of What'sBest! includes a set of state of the art solvers for linear, non-linear, and integer models. Versions are available to efficiently handle problems with thousands of variables and constraints. What'sBest! provides all the technical features you'll ever need - sensitivity analysis through dual value and range information, recognition of integer and free variables.

What'sBest! supports Excel and Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows and will use a math co-processor to greatly speed solution times.  What'sBest! comes in several sizes to solve problems up to 32,000 variables and uses a math co-processor to greatly speed solution times. If you need even more capacity, LINDO will gladly discuss your requirements.

Key Features

  • Solves linear, non-linear, and integer models from within your spreadsheet

  • Supports Excel and 1-2-3 for Windows

  • Sensitivity analysis tools included

  • In-depth documentation includes tutorial, detailed examples of major problem classes, and advanced modeling techniques

  • Extensive error handling features

  • On-line Help available for all commands

  • Available in many sizes to suit your modeling needs


Version Personal Comm. Prof. Industrial Extended
Variables 400 1600 4000 16000 32000
Constraints 200 800 2000 8000 16000
Numeric Cells 1600 6400 16000 64000 128000

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