Cube-IQ Overview
The Smart Loading Software
An advanced optimizer for shipping, freight and packing

The Cube-IQ loading optimizer is the most advanced on the market. It was designed from the ground up to handle not just rectangular containers, but also irregular shaped containers - such as Aircraft ULDs.

Compared to manual / visual loading, the system typically increases volume utilisation by 10-15%.

Shipping Freight and Packing Optimizer - Cube-IQ

Cube-IQ cuts load estimating time drastically, and decreases shipping costs by improving volume utilisation. Even for complex loading operations, Cube-IQ produces easy-to-understand loading instructions.

Cube-IQ has complete database functionality, allowing you to store frequently used container types, box dimensions, and complete loading solutions for later retrieval. An overall weight limit is taken into account.

The system has full data import and export facilities. You can even send complete loadings to other Cube-IQ systems, for example at subsidiaries or suppliers abroad.

Cube-IQ can help you both in the estimating phase, and in the actual loading using its clear, picture based, printed loading instructions.

Cube-IQ is fast - from less than 5 seconds on a Pentium-200 PC for a case with 25 loaded parcels, to one minute to load hundreds of packages. Depending on a maximum number of iterations without improvement, and a maximum runtime (user settings).

You can view the loading, complete or in phases, rotating the picture in all directions as required. The pictures are also part of the printed loading instructions. Those instructions take reachability into account. 

Technically, Cube-IQ uses a truly 3-dimensional approach. In that sense it differs from currently available commercial systems, most of which use a so-called wall-building approach (that is, a repeated 2-dimensional one). As a result, Cube-IQ also optimises the difficult case of loading few large packages in different sizes, which is much more difficult than that of many packages in few sizes. This feature makes the software also perfect for courier types of operation.

Cube-IQ Features

  • Plans the loading of goods smarter than other software, thanks to smarter algorithms

  • Configures the contents of a container to ensure safe loading, transportation and unloading

  • Offers full flexibility in loading and stacking rules to cover all your operational requirements

  • Maximises the total load volume for each containers, pallet, crate or truck

  • Handles the loading of many boxes in a few sizes, as well as few large boxes in many sizes

  • Automatically positions the centre of gravity for optimum safe and efficient weight distribution of the total load

  • Stores frequently used container types, box dimensions and complete loading solutions for later retrieval, thanks to complete database functionality

  • Provides a full export and import capability (e.g. from MS-Excel)

  • Lets you view the loading, complete or in phases, using the Cube-IQ graphics window

  • Provides easy to follow loading instructions that show the exact quantities and position of packages to be loaded


  • Containers - The base version of Cube-IQ handles rectangular containers, pallets, trucks and crates. An overall weight limit is taken into account. 'Unsable areas' can be defined

  • Boxes - Boxes must be rectangular. Loading rules include 'turnable', allowed on it's side', 'allowed on it's end, 'bottom-only', and 'top-only' (with a maximum number of layers). Box weight is taken into account. Stacking rules are based on a maximum supported weight, or on a user-definable stacking sequence.

  • Load Sequence - Back to front or bottom to top (for crating)

  • Input - Cube-IQ has full database functionality. Data can also be imported (as Comma Separated Values) and exported for processing by other systems.

  • Output - The 3-D loading cooridinate and orientation for each loaded box. For each loaded container - volume and weight utilisation, the centre of gravity positions, and the overall dimensions of the load (to facilitate crate sizing).

  • Graphics - Cube-IQ has a graphics window in which you can see the container as loaded. The picture can be rotated, and built up one block of boxes at a time.

  • Reports - Cube-IQ allows you to print complete loading instructions, showing exactly where each block of similar boxes is to be loaded. The instructions include pictures.

  • Translation - Cube-IQ can be translated to any Western European language. The feature can also be used to adapt the system to your own terminology.

  • Other features - Multi-drop loading (First-In, First-Out); various rules on how to spread the boxes over multiple containers; Loading of the basis or proportional numbers.

  • Optional features - Loading of containers with a non-flat roof and/or floor such as ULDs; Loading and stacking rules for each orientation of boxes; Loading of multiple containers in multiple sizes; Automatic correct positioning of centre of gravity

  • Hardware requirements - Pentium PC, with at least 32MB RAM, a 1024*768 screen, and a good graphics card. Windows 95/98/NT Operating System. 

Demonstration Versions and Pricing

Cube-IQ runs under Windows 95 and Windows NT. Try Cube-IQ RISK FREE. Click here to download a fully functional 30-day demo version of Cube-IQ.

Cube-IQ is available as a base version, with the loading of ULDs' as a separate option.

  • Cube-IQ - first year license fee (base version) is US$2400, ongoing annual updates US$240
  • Cube-IQ ULD loading option - first year license fee (on top of base version) is US$1200, ongoing annual updates US$120

The license fees include full email support and all upgrades.

The Cube-IQ solver can be licensed separately by companies interested in building it into their systems. Discounts are available on multiple licenses, and site licenses are also available.

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