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Emotional Intelligence PDF Book Cover ImageThis Emotional Intelligence PDF is not some dusty ex-textbook or an academic paper trying to justify some researchers' obscure point of view.

It is designed for the average person who wants to quickly grasp the basics of Emotional Intelligence and then start applying what they have learned to everyday life. 

If this sounds like you, read on...

Contents include:

  • Answers the question "What is Emotional Intelligence?" and shows how you gain by using it. The role of breakthrough 1995 book "Emotional Intelligence" (Daniel Goleman) is briefly discussed.

  • 3 Emotional Intelligence frameworks - The Ability model, the Mixed model and the Trait model.

  • Your Emotional Brain - Why it works faster than you can imagine.

  • Why are we so Emotional? - Why is it we feel and act, and then think? And what kind of trouble does that cause?

  • Emotional Hijacking - 3 ways to handle Amygdala Hijacking. What to do your when emotional brain takes control.

  • How to strengthen your Emotional Intelligence AND Improve Your IQ - it's way simpler than you might think.

  • 10 ways to strengthen Emotional Intelligence in your workplace. Includes tips on how to deal with resistance to change.

  • 3 Self-Awareness Strategies - How to treat yourself better, how to become more socially aware, and how to manage your relationships.

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About the Author: Noel Ferguson has been promoting the best ways to learn since the late 1990s when he met up with best-selling author Gordon Dryden (Co-author of "The Learning Revolution" - over 10 million copies copies sold). Noel has been actively supporting and promoting Lifelong Learning since 2002. The Emotional Intelligence PDF book on this page reflects his ongoing passion for ideas and learning.

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