eBusiness Introduction

eBusiness is not just about eCommerce or exchanging information about goods and services between you and your customers and your and your suppliers. It is about using the Internet for the transfer of information between employees using your in-house systems, between branch offices, between remote users, and between business partners, customers, suppliers and the public.

eBusiness is also about automation. You can automate many of your in-house procedures using new sources of information. You are freed up so you can use information and technology to let you work AT your business rather that IN your business.

Here is a simplified example an AUTOMATED eBusiness system we can provide at competitive rates:

A customer wants to order 1000 widgets. They visit CustomShop - logging on automatically. CustomShop checks to see whether your customer has any outstanding orders and their credit worthiness.

The customer places their order - CustomShop checks to see whether there is enough stock. If not, a purchase order is sent to your supplier (according to the "rules" for widgets). Your Purchase Order information and the Sales Order information is entered into your existing accounting system (assuming your system is able to import transactions - most do). 

Your customer can check the status of their order 24/7.

There are a huge number of variations to the above scenario - for example:

  • Predictive "Most Likely to Buy" Calls and E-Mail Offers - by combining historic sale information with CRM functions you can create specific offers rather than shooting blind

  • Managed Customer Inventories - By combining sales history, optimum re-order quantities per customer and daily demand

We can deliver 100% solutions to 95 % of businesses - so call or e-mail us with your requirements - if we can't deliver, we'll let you know right away - we don't want to waste your time - or ours.

Irrespective of the exact design of your system, eBusiness strategies provide you with a wide range of benefits:

  • Reduced Administration Costs
  • Faster trading cycles
  • Inventory Reduction
  • Ability to win new business and retain existing customers
  • Ability to respond to new competitors quickly
  • Personnel Cost Savings
  • Cash Flow Improvements
  • Improved Order Fulfillment
  • Enhanced image
  • 24/7 operation - it never stops
  • Reduced geographic constraints

The benefits of eBusiness have spawned a huge range of related products and services. Your challenge to understand what eBusiness can provide for YOUR business and then match YOUR requirements to what is available. We believe that CustomShop and Commence provide can provide you with solutions that are second to none.

Things to remember:

1. Understanding what best suits your requirements is not as easy as it sounds. What works for a similar business to yours may not be right for you. Our overviews of the mainstream server technologies are designed to help you get to grips with some of the possibilities.

2. While the technologies involved may be new to you, once you have established your objectives and your plan of attack, the merging of eBusiness strategies with your existing business processes is fairly straightforward.

3. You can run into problems if you decide to change your business processes at the same time you embrace eBusiness. Don't forget the business you are in now and the value you create. eBusiness without a value-added proposition is not the road to success - witness the "dot-bombs".

We can help you embrace eBusiness systems and strategies.

  • We offer a wide range of options that will connect you with your customers - from low-cost and simple-to-use e-mail based solutions through to leading edge real-time on-line eCommerce sites.
  • We also offer proven solutions that will quickly automate your internal business processes and procedures at a reasonable cost.
  • We can efficiently tie everything together for you to provide you with a seamless end-to-end business system

Simply put, our job is to understand how you can best add value to your business by adopting the right mix of products and services on the market today and deliver these products and services in a cost-effective and professional way.

One thing is for certain. eBusiness is not a fad - it is the infrastructure that will allow you to interact with your "communities of interest" in the future - regardless of what business you are are in.

We would like to share your journey. 

Call or e-mail us to see whether we can can help you automate your eBusiness with CustomShop and Commence.

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