CustomShop Demonstration

CustomShop lets you:
  • Create and maintain your own customised Internet "storefront" without custom programming.
  • Easily and intelligently integrate the Internet with your existing systems for inventory, pricing, invoicing, CRM, production scheduling, etc.

In addition to letting you design the "look and feel" of your web site, CustomShop arguably handles the widest range of products and services of ANY "off the shelf" storefront system available.

The CustomShop demonstration shows how you can make on-line sales of:

  • Shower Enclosures (in 3D)
  • Office Supplies
  • Flat Glass
  • Sheet and Board
  • Shower Enclosures - This Category shows how you can include 3D "Virtual Reality" products as part of your CustomShop presentation. Of course you're not limited to Showers - you could be selling kitchen cabinets, commercial furniture, vinyl / aluminium windows, doors, packaging, sheet metal products, clothing, footwear, etc.
  • Office Supplies - This Product Category focusses on Office Supplies, but the products could be ANY standard "fixed" size product - with or without colour / size variations and/or special pricing.
  • Flat Glass - If you log in and place an order, you can see how CustomShop automatically tracks total the thickness of glass included in an order and will automatically provide EndCap/Mixed Pack Rates to your clients. (Customer-specific pricing / discounting, "Cut To Size" supply, and links to Estimating software are not included in the demonstration, but are available.)
  • Sheet and Board - Several variations of MDF, White Board and Particle Board product presentations are included. To give you an insight into just how flexible CustomShop is, products in this Category are purchased in square metres, but volume discounts are tracked in cubic metres. Links to Kitchen design software are not included in this demonstration but can be added.

Why not send us an e-mail message to arrange a time for a personal "one-on-one" telephone tour of CustomShop. This will take between 15 minutes and an hour and give you a deeper understanding of CustomShop and what it can do for your business.

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A word about Web Site Graphics Design
We focus on developing excellent eBusiness solutions that integrate easily with your existing systems. For the best "look and feel" results we recommend you use a specialist web graphics designer - and if you don't have anyone special in mind we know a number of talented people who offer world class graphics design services.

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