B2B and B2C CustomShop Features for your eBusiness

B2B and B2C eBusiness CustomShop features include:

  • Supports an unlimited number of products – so you don’t have to change your software as your business grows. CustomShop is incredibly flexible – with unlimited combinations of discounts for eBusiness Customers and Product pricing.
  • You can (optionally) link your CustomShop B2B or B2C eBusiness site to your in-house software - chances are we can "drive" your in-house software via the Internet using CustomShop.
  • Automated B2B or B2C eBusiness links to your CRM Software – If your in-house software allows for it, we can automatically update ToDo lists for your sales team directly from CustomShop. Nothing need fall between the cracks.
  • Multiple Payment Methods for your way of doing B2B or B2C eBusiness – Provides for secure "On Account Sales" as well as Credit Card transactions etc. so you don’t lose sales because you can’t accept the order.
  • eBusiness via CustomShop helps improve B2B and B2C Sales - Lets you automatically provide additional sales incentives / discounts based on order value.
  • Provides quoting and re-ordering system for B2B and B2C customers – customers simply enter a normal order and put it on hold. They get the pricing they want and when they are ready, their order is a couple of mouse-clicks away.
  • Low-Cost and easy to use Stock Control – The commonsense stock control system built into CustomShop means that you don’t have to have expensive "real-time" eBusiness stock tracking in order to take full advantage of CustomShop. CustomShop even provides you with automatic warnings about low stock and will take a product off display if it goes below a level determined by you.
  • eBusiness customers have secure online access to their own orders / quotes – This provides your clients with an easy to use "paperless" Purchasing Administration system. CustomShop lets you set time limits – e.g. 60 days, 90 days etc. for the display of this information.
  • Quick and Professional Setup - We can set everything you need to start operating your eBusiness within 6-8 weeks. Using your in-house team to set up CustomShop can be time consuming and interfere with your day to day operations – especially if you carry a wide range of stock and sizes. To make life easier, you can call on our experienced team to help set up your entire site, using your Product Codes and Information, to get things going quickly. (Note that data setup usually takes about 4 weeks of elapsed time.)
  • EDI Options for B2B and B2C eBusiness - CustomShop can act like a secure EDI system for customers - automating high volume, time consuming and error-prone entry of high volume orders. Your eBusiness clients can simply click on a desktop icon that prepares their order to go via CustomShop - directly into your current Sales Order Entry System. (Note that EDI-type systems usually require customised links).
  • Lets you update Prices and Stock Levels from your Desktop PC – if you wish you can synchronise your internal systems and your web site in real time.
  • Easy site management using the CustomShop Management module – if you want to begin slowly you can securely manage your eBusiness site without any integration to start off with.
  • Newsletter Marketing to your B2B and B2C clients ? CustomShop provides "opt-in" e-mail marketing functions. You can easily send specific promotional messages to highly targeted people to increase your sales and your service levels.
  • Built-in Continuous Site Improvement Tools – CustomShop includes Site Traffic Analysis tools that track site visitor movements – you can get the information you need to be able to improve the effectiveness of your eBusiness site without needing 3rd party analysis software.
  • Built-In B2B and B2C Web Marketing Tools – CustomShop includes "Key Word Meta Tag Generator" functions. The Key Word Generator tools let you easily create searchable "Hook Pages" that can be submitted to Internet Search Engines. This significantly increases the chances of individual product pages being ranked highly by search engines, which in turn increases the chances of more visitors to your eBusiness site.
  • Created with Cold Fusion - A Web site development tool used by many major web sites – such as Amazon.com. Readily available on most servers. Can be scaled from very small to very large applications. Allows rapid development and easy modification of sites.
  • Graphics are optional - Makes CustomShop one of the fastest shopping applications available. (Graphical buttons can be switched on if required.)
  • Customise the "look and feel" of your site with minimal HTML skills - The appearance of the shop can be easily modified. You can completely change the appearance of the shop via easy to use maintenance options. Layout, fonts and colours can all be changed. You can create a shop that reflects your own presentation style preferences. Detailed HTML knowledge is not required.
  • Menus can be changed - The CustomShop main menu is under your control. Menu item sequence and names can be changed with these changes being reflected in the body of the shop as appropriate.
  • Multiple currencies – Each shop can have a base currency and each customer can select another currency for comparison pricing – for example they can purchase in local currency and compare prices in US Dollars. You easily can maintain multi-currency eBusiness relationships all around the world.
  • Find Products Fast - Search options (including "Soundex") quickly find any combination of words and display the results in a few seconds.
  • Quick click to products - Products are always one to three clicks away at all times – even with many thousands of products. There is no limit to the number of products but a reasonable upper limit is 50,000 with MS-Access – unlimited with SQL Server. Optionally displayed below all Product Lists are the lists they are descended from. This allows the rapid selection of a different category or group. Visitors know what they are getting - every time they click a button.
  • B2B and B2C Visitor information is easily managed - Visitors must register before they put anything in their basket or send an E-mail message to the shop. You automatically have CustomShop thank your customers for a sale, send E-mail newsletters, let them know about new products, etc.
  • Visitors can change their information - Providing site visitors with control of their information helps build trust. Registered CustomShop visitors can change the information they have stored, including their UserName and Password. They can set an option that keeps them off automatic E-mail lists. They also have an option that allows them to be logged on automatically every time they visit the shop to help provide them with a "frictionless" eBusiness experience.
  • Flexible payment methods - You can let your customers choose from a range of payment methods – credit cards, cheques, phone call, account and mail/fax order form with hand written credit card details. Visitors can store their credit card details in the system if they wish.
  • Credit card encryption in the database - Credit card numbers are encrypted when they are stored in the shop database using a unique encryption algorithm.
  • GST/VAT is optional – You can determine whether the GST/VAT content of the total value of orders is displayed.

Why not send us an e-mail message to arrange a time for a "one-on-one" telephone tour of CustomShop. This will take between 15 minutes and an hour and give you a deeper understanding of CustomShop and what it can do for your business.

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