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This section of the Remarkable site contains a summary of a South Waikato ICT Pilot Project originally sponsored by the Community Employment Group (part of the New Zealand Government's Department of Labour).

Unfortunately national politics intervened before the project was completed. The Community Employment Group was "dis-established" by central government and the project folded.

Despite this disappointing outcome, the concepts and processes outlined in these pages are world-class and can help transform YOUR community. So please, steal the ideas and improve upon them! 

And then help others connect their communities :-)

Connecting Communities Conference (November 3,4,5 2003)

Community-owned networks

Broadband and Community "Ideas Starters"

Community ICT Project - Management and Structure

Community ICT Meetings (5/5/03 and 6/5/03)

5/5/03 Tokoroa "Making the Net Work" Results

Community ICT Meeting Notes Summary (28/3/03)

Community Sector Notes (Summary)

Meeting Evaluation Questionnaire Results

Community ICT Meeting Notes Summary (13/12/02)

Pilot Project Overview

Links to Selected Web Sites

Other Files of Interest

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