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See 756 New Zealand Pictures at By Roger (Podge) Preston who has a number of film location photographs on this site.

Better Web Site ROI News - New page containing selected articles from around the web about how to improve your web site Return on Investment.

Search Engine Experts News - New page containing hand-selected articles about what the search engine experts are up to.

eBusiness - Learning

Movies - Film - TV

eBusiness should link with - and automate - your business. 
We show you how

We summarise an InternetWeek survey to provide you with ways to work out the value of eBusiness to your company.
We explain options for:

- Extranets
- E-Mail
- Brochureware Sites
- Database-driven Sites
- Peer-to-Peer
EDI concepts and the importance of XML and ebXML are highlighted.
Who What Where Why When How is our commonsense approach to web site design and development. And we partner with leading authors and graphics designers as required - whatever works best for you.
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The Learning Revolution - Forget everything you remember about education and school - you can learn anything faster, easier, and have fun! We also discuss Intelligence, IQ and Emotional Intelligence and try to demystify the human brain. 
for pictures of
the South Waikato

Pictures of the South Waikato New Zealand

Our Film Management System, The Commitments Tracker System and FMSWeb software have been used by the Movies - Film Production industry in numerous countries for over 20 years. 

Film - Movie Locations - Sample our New Zealand film and movie locations and you'll see why people film here. 
Panoramas - Photos-Pictures of Auckland and New Zealand - many in 360 panorama format.
Beach Photos - Uretiti Beach Photos from Northland, NZ.
Other photo sections include:

Also, check out the South Waikato District where we are based.

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